Garrett Houghton


Garrett Houghton

AI. No Code. Automation.

Workflow consultant specializing in AI, No Code and Workflow Automation. My consulting typically involves evaluating workflows, making strategic recommendations and building AI and no code solutions to automate business processes.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and SMBs across a variety of industries.

I also run the workflow automation education platform No Code Camp. My favorite tools are Airtable, OpenAI, Zapier, Make, Glide & Softr.

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Client Testimonials

I can’t recommend Garrett highly enough to any business or leader looking to ‘get smart’ around all things AI. At Bleacher Report, we engaged Garrett for a 6 week “AI diagnostic” to recommend which of our processes, workflows, and outcomes can/should be optimized leveraging AI. He quickly learned our fairly complex & matrixed organization, built a strong understanding of our operations, and developed a number of tactical (yet strategic) recommendations that far exceeded any of our expectations, all in a remarkably short period of time. We are in the process of making our business as efficient as it’s ever been thanks to the seeds he planted and the educational foundation he created for us.

-Dave Liss, Head of Strategy & Business Operations, Bleacher Report

Past Work

Global Mummy Research Platform: Built a cross-museum research platform to enable museums all over the world collaborate on mummy portraiture research. The platform supported 60+ global museums, thousands of research documents and over a decade of institutional knowledge. This platform was built entirely with no code tools, including Airtable and Glide.

Venture Capital Portfolio Management Platform: Built several venture capital portfolio management platforms that enable VCs to seamlessly manage their portfolio of investments, companies and contacts. These platforms were built entirely on Airtable.

AI-Enabled Marketing Ideation Platform: For creative teams in the marketing space, I’ve built AI ideation platforms that let teams upload creative briefs and brainstorm creative proposals with AI, generating thought starters, mind maps, activations and more. These platforms become more than just ideation partners, as creatives can rank and share their favorite, co-created AI ideas with others on their team. These platforms were built with Airtable, Zapier, OpenAI, and Mural.